Portal Account FAQs

This page features questions about the user accounts available from Skynet Labs portals like For Frequently Asked Questions about Skynet, please see the primary FAQ page.

What's the difference between,, and

Anyone can run a portal, and Skynet Labs runs 3. Each focuses on different types of users. -
  • is for users who don't have an account, but it can become congested with traffic.
  • is for users that wish to register in exchange for longer-term storage and higher speeds. We recommend new users start here.
  • is for users that want to upgrade their free account to a pro plan. This allows for faster speeds and more storage space.
To learn more about portal accounts, see Choosing a Portal.

I used to have an account on, can I transfer my account? Are my old files safe?

In January 2022, we migrated existing user accounts to the new & portals. You should be able to log in with your existing account and see pinned files listed in your account.
If you continued using, you may have pinned files to your old account without them showing up in your new account's files. They will continue to be stored, despite accounts being disabled on

Why are my uploads/downloads not showing up in my account dashboard?

There are many reasons an upload or download that should be displayed is not:
  • The app developer has not updated their app to support accounts yet.
  • You have been logged out. Please log in.
  • You're uploading to a different Skynet portal than the dashboard you're checking, or are not uploading through your web browser.

Why are uploads/downloads appearing that I didn't initiate?

When using Skynet applications, they may save or load data on your behalf. Just like on the traditional web, this happens very often while browsing a website. Some of the saved or loaded material may never even show up in your web browser. In future releases, developers will be able to have more fine-grained control over files that get pinned to your account.

What is the maximum size of a file upload?

Files for users who are not logged in are limited to 1GB. Larger single files are supported for users with accounts, with files capped by the storage size allowed by your account's tier. We've had users upload files exceeding 30GB, with theoretical limits of the protocol exceeding the 20TB of storage allowed at our largest tier.

Can I pay for my account subscription in Siacoins?

Not at the moment. We hope to make this feature available in the future, but it's not on our short-term roadmap.

Can I delete or unpin files I've uploaded to a Skynet Portal?

Not at the moment. We hope to make this available in the future.

I have a coupon. Where do I use it?

Coupons are applied in Stripe's checkout interface. See Sign-up & Pick a Tier. If you already have a subscription or have a canceled subscription, Stripe may not present you with a way to use your coupon.

I already have an account with MySky/Sia-UI/SkyID, do I need a portal account?

These accounts are distinct, and although we may support cross-application login in the future, these services do not overlap with your account on any portal.
We will soon allow creating accounts and logging into portals using your MySky login, but this feature is not available yet.