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MySky is a login system for the entire Skynet ecosystem. It uses modern browser security and cryptography so that all of your application data is managed by you, and no central authority can disable your access.
MySky data is accessible across applications, so no application can wall you in and silo your data. Each MySky user has a unique UserID that allows their friends and followers to discover data the user has made public.
Your MySky is fully controlled by access to a secret seed phrase that is needed to login and must not be shared with anyone.
Example "Login" Button
Access to your seed phrase means access to all of your Skynet data. Keep it safe and do not forget your seed phrase. No one should ever ask to know your seed phrase.

Creating a MySky account and Logging in

When you visit a page that uses MySky, you may already be logged in! If you've used MySky before, and the application doesn't need special permissions, you will be automatically logged in.
If you need additional permissions or are not logged into MySky, you will be requested to Login or Sign Up.
Safari Browser deviates from standard browser security practices, and because of this, it is unsupported by MySky. We hope to find a work-around in the future.

Signing Up

Signing up is as easy as clicking "Sign Up." You'll be presented with a secret seed phrase that you'll want to save somewhere secure. This is your "password" or "recovery phrase" for you MySky account, so be sure not to lose it or share it with anyone.
Next, click "Signup" and you're done!
Signing up and copying a seed to the clipboard

Signing In

If you already have a MySky account, you'll want to click signin and type or paste your seed phrase.
Signing in with a MySky Account

Accepting Permissions

An app may ask to access files saved at a different domain than the domain it is hosted at. This might be because you're accessing an app through a new URL and it always stores its data in a specific folder. If could be because another application wants to use your data in this folder. If you're suspicious of the website you're accessing, please don't allow permissions to any domain that don't match up with the application.
Accepting Permissions from an application accessed using its skylink

MySky Files

To determine if you want to grant permissions for an application, you might want to better understand MySky Files.
There are three types of MySky Files:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Encrypted (Grouped with Hidden Files for Permissions)
  3. 3.
    Hidden (not yet released)
Discoverable Files
Encrypted Files
Hidden Files
Associated with MySky User ID
Accessible if UserID and File Name are Known
Permissions needed for Read access

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