Homescreen provides a way for users to save immutable versions of application front-ends by saving a version of the app to their MySky files. This means each user owns their copy of the app and is in complete control of version updates. We see this as particularly necessary for the DeFi space for additional security and control over access to decentralized protocols and smart contracts.
Visit to try out our initial release.
Homescreen is currently in Developer Preview mode. Lots more user-friendly features are coming soon! Developers might want to see the Developer-focused Homescreen article.

Getting Started

First, authenticate with MySky —if you don't have an account, you can "sign up" and you'll be given an account recovery phrase.
Next, go to your favorite project's software repo (example) and click the "Add to Homescreen" button.
Once logged in, you'll be presented with a prompt asking if you want to save the application to your Homescreen. If you press "Add to Homescreen," the app will be saved in your personal Skynet storage and the details added to your Homescreen.
Because we're saving the exact version, it acts like a snapshot. If you want the latest build, you'll want to "Update" your dapp.
Finally, you can manually add a skylink to an application or any other skyfile using the input field in the top right.
Manually add a skylink to your Homescreen
Use this tool to pin files on Skynet and add a link to your Homescreen

Additional Resources

Skynet Labs Founder David Vorick announces Homescreen at EthCC[4]
Homescreen Documentation on our Developer Guide