Skynet Overview

Welcome to Skynet! We want you to understand what Skynet is, how you can use it, and how you can contribute to the project. We can't build a better internet alone, so we're glad you're here.

What is Skynet?

Skynet is an open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web using Sia.
Skynet decentralizes "the cloud" so that user and application data is not stored by (and only accessible to) a single, central authority. Instead, data is held in a decentralized manner, allowing it to be:
  • Available across the globe
  • On any device
  • Accessible to any application
  • And controlled by the user
Want to dive straight in? Start with Using Skynet in our Getting Started section.

Why does Skynet matter?

Skynet matters because information matters. Skynet allows for a decentralized web that is censorship-resistant, has highly redundant storage and applications, and is available around the globe.

For developers

  • You don't pay for your application's storage
  • You can launch an app with access to a user's data on day one
  • You won't have to worry about corporations pulling access to their resources
  • Or, if you're invested in your centralized provider, you can maintain a failover site for when they go down.

For users

  • You take your data with you, not worrying about corporate oversight
  • You support developers and content creators by simply accessing their work
  • You experience a web free of targeted ads
  • You never have to put your privacy or security at risk
There's a lot more to it, and by the end of this documentation, you'll see why a free and open decentralized web demands a platform like Skynet.

Who controls Skynet?

Skynet itself is open-source software, meaning it's free to take and use for anyone. This site is operated by Skynet Labs, the primary team behind the technology. Skynet is built on top of the Sia blockchain network, which is also open-source and guided by the Sia Foundation.

Beyond this Guide

Not finding the answers you want? Check out these additional support resources.

Skynet Discord

The Skynet server on Discord is a great place to find friendly help from the community and our team. Come say hello and ask a question!

YouTube Channel

We've got videos showing Skynet apps, developer workshops, and more on our YouTube channel.

Sia Blog & Socials

Stay up-to-date with major developments and technical articles on the Sia Blog.
You can also follow what we're up to on Twitter and Reddit.
We've put together three guides for learning about Skynet: a user guide, a developer guide, and a portal operator guide. The user guide (what you're reading now) focuses on using Skynet, understanding its value, and documenting the technologies that make Skynet work. Additional guides for developers and portal operators are still under construction, but for now, the links at the top of the page point to our best available resources.
If you're new to Skynet, start with Using Skynet and go from there. We suggest developers and portal operators read through the entirety of the Getting Started articles before working through more specific documentation.